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An interview with Liz on Weekly Wildlife Watch about her incredible life as a student studying biochemistry, biology and tigers as well as her career in television. We all know her from fascinating programmes such as Bang Goes The Theory, CatWatch, Stargazing Live, Super Smart Animals, Countrywise and Autumnwatch – Liz even finds the time to train for a marathon to raise money for the endangered Amur tiger – for more information on how YOU can also make a difference, please visit:

Getting to know Liz Bonnin

As a TV Presenter, Liz Bonnin’s credits include Autumnwatch, Top Of The Pops and Bang Goes The Theory, and with a degree in biochemistry and a Masters in wild animal biology and conservation, Bonnin has become a familiar face in broadcasting in the field, helping to foster a wider interest in the sciences. Here, she explains how she has drawn inspiration from her environment and colleagues, the importance of a stimulating education, and the power of factual television programmes.

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